Logixal began as a document solutions provider in 2012 and we’ve been hell-bent on growth ever since. Our focus has always been on bringing sharper, more effective solutions to businesses while continually refining the methods that make it possible. What underpins those methods, no matter what else changes, is our determination to create purpose-built solutions that expand your business for the better.

The “how” that drives us is deceptively simple. We’re all about making everything we do the most important thing we do. That’s how we unlock opportunity in the everyday, see exceptions to rules, and create insightful solutions that function brilliantly (without being self-important about it). We take this laser-focused approach and apply it to our mission to be honest, act with integrity, and deliver quality in ways that make us proud of what we do. It’s a virtuous cycle, and one that’s at the centre of our business. 


Awards & Accreditations

Board of directors

Daniel Hoile Profile shot
Daniel Hoile Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Mandeep profile shot
Mandeep Kandola Managing Director
James Hoile Profile shot
James Hoile Director
Nigel Pashley Profile shot
Nigel Pashley Chief Finance Officer
Paul Johnson Profile Shot
Paul Johnston Chief Technology Officer
“With Logixal's attention to detail and range of expertise we couldn't want for more in a partner”
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    Come do the kind of work you actually enjoy doing, alongside an agile team where everyone contributes to the big picture.
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  • The trusted partners who help us make solutions possible
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    Who We Work With
    Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate a new method for productivity and identify a more efficient solution.
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    Green matters
    The environment is fundamental and doing our part to have a sustainable impact is how we’re playing a part in redefining our industry.
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    Corporate Social Responsibility
    We work with our clients to collaborate, embrace adaptation, and create change within their systems. All while seizing every opportunity to raise our environmental and social standards even higher.
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