Bring the best of digital to your paper documents with seamless file management that adapts to your business. Unstructured data becomes a new way to drive insight — without getting caught up in time-consuming analytics.
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Logixal manages your documents with:
  • Features that optimise, categorise, and store your business content
  • Secure file storage across devices
  • Settings for group, user, or document type, allowing you to control access to critical information
  • Safe, seamless collaboration between users that boosts productivity — even remotely
  • Secure records management that ensures your information is correctly stored and destroyed according to current regulations
  • Easy file changes
    Layer notes and redact files to protect sensitive information while maintaining original document integrity.
  • One central archive
    Make it easier to find any piece of information you need with an easy-to-navigate central repository.
  • Fully compliant features
    Meet every legal, audit, and archiving requirement and add e-Signatures with DocuSign.

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