• Telephone Support
    The Logixal Helpdesk is available to provide 1st and 2nd line technical support over the telephone and through our online helpdesk during working hours (See ā€œSupport Hoursā€ section) as this is usually the quickest and most efficient method of resolving issues. The Helpdesk will provide this support in accordance with the details described in the ā€œEscalation and Response Times Definitionsā€ section. If telephone or e-mail support proves unable to resolve the issue, Logixal will provide support using remote access software (GoToAssist or TeamViewer) providing you have given your agreement to do so.
  • Remote access and FMAudit
    By signing this contract, you give your agreement to Logixal using remote access software, so that the Logixal helpdesk can see issues first-hand, as they happen, instead of trying to second guess a verbal description. This can allow the identification and rectification of issues much more quickly. Logixal will require your consent and assistance to allow a remote connection on each and every occasion and the tools used are secure for your peace of mind. FMAudit may be used for monitoring, data collection and diagnostics to resolve an issue. It may also be used for statistical data gathering and generally in the pursuit of preventative maintenance. Should your issue not be resolved by remote access, Logixal can provide on-site support (see below).
  • On-Site Support
    In the event that telephone/e-mail support and/or a remote connection fail to resolve an issue, then Logixal can arrange for on-site support. On-site visits will usually be carried out within the times specified in the ā€œProblem Categories and Target Response Timesā€ section. Please note that Logixal may charge for on-site support in certain circumstances including, but not limited to, consistent user error, server failure through lack of proper maintenance, inadequate data backup, inadequate anti-virus protection.
  • Support Hours
    Normal hours for telephone/e-mail support from Logixal: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00 excluding public holidays Normal hours for on-site visits by Logixal staff: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00 excluding public holidays Note: It may be possible to arrange for ā€˜out of hoursā€™ on-site support (e.g. evening or weekend etc.) however this will be subject to additional charges (Ā£135 per hour per engineer and Ā£160 per hour per manager plus VAT ā€“ weekend moves/installs will be quoted separately), will depend entirely on staff availability and will fall outside of the agreed response levels of this contract. All out of hourā€™s work must be agreed by appropriate Logixal staff in advance.
Service Level Agreement
Download the PDF to access Logixal's Target Response Times for problem categories, escalation to manufacturer and site visits
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