Here at Logixal honesty, integrity and trust are the foundation of everything we do. These values are to what we attribute our success and we only conduct our business with the absolute highest levels of ethics and integrity. Logixal is dedicated to operating in the best interest of our Customers, our Suppliers, our Employees, our Communities and in the long term interests of our company.

‚ÄčOur Key Values in line with our code of conduct and ethics policy:

Fair Treatment: We are committed to upholding the human rights of our employees and treating them with dignity and respect. We value everyone we work with and provide them with the best possible work experience we can as a company.

Honesty and Integrity: Within Logixal we practice honesty and integrity within our processes, contractual agreements, collaborations with partners and clients alike. 

Environmental Standards: We have adopted and continually encourage a green paperless office and use machinery that supports this. We are avid supporters of environmental conservation and this is evident in our day to day office practices.

Ethical Standards: We are dedicated to meeting our social responsibilities, protecting identities of clients and partners where necessary, following fair business practices, respecting intellectual property, and promoting business integrity.

Quality Standards: We know that quality is everything to our clients and so we stop at nothing to ensure the absolute best is given to them. Where we do fall short we employ the absolute best support procedures to improve and correct previous issues.