Managed Services

Configured according to your best practices, and based upon your goals, we bring a new approach to every objective and go above and beyond every baseline to reshape your business experience for the better.

Outsource processes and overcome challenges with Logixal’s suite of bespoke managed services that anticipate your business’s evolving needs.

Unified Communications

Seamlessness is key to a productive team, especially as technologies and working habits shift. Stay ahead of every curve with a comprehensive approach to communications that’s focused on performance, experience, and your business’s bottom line.

Enhance your business, and your working day, with an innovative suite of communications-focused services that aren’t based on where you work, but how you work.

Managed Print Services

Integrating cutting-edge technology with granular insight, Logixal’s suite of managed print services helps your business stay agile while using every resource to its maximum advantage.

Optimise your output and streamline your print environment with a user-friendly infrastructure that eliminates every inefficiency with ease.

Enterprise Content Management

Automate, store, and secure every document and file you need, regardless of your location or device, with ECM solutions that drive your business to do better. Optimised for efficiency and custom-built for your team, every facet of your content system will become leveraged for the future.

Tap into our depth of experience by giving your business the opportunity to leverage a suite of bespoke services that help you harness the power of effective content management with ease

  • With four ISO certifications and a Platinum accreditation with Investors in People, Logixal’s team of experts are uniquely positioned to monitor, manage, and analyse performance across sectors — so we can address issues that others won’t catch and you can leverage superior results for business growth.
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  • Harness the power of innovative technology with expert solutions that help you manage your business with supreme efficiency. It sounds like a bold claim, we know, but our range of managed services comes with every result we need to prove it.
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  • Capture your documents with ease — without relying on tonnes of paper. With seamless digital storage and one-button scanning, you can capture documents to workflows and effortlessly connect your business activities.
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  • Handle and manage every document with digital processes that automate your files and optimise your entire organisation’s efficiency.
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  • Maximise your team’s collaboration and file sharing with easy-to-use solutions that meet every requirement and need.
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  • Integrate peace of mind and powerful processes with file storage and preservation that offers business advantages worth leveraging.
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  • Simultaneously lower your business costs, improve your efficiency, and gain control over your documents with Logixal’s ECM Solution. Sophisticated search options enable you and your team to find any document immediately — then leverage that data to your advantage.
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