We are committed to providing a service that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.

Logixal Ltd supply the best quality hardware and software the market has to offer but even world class technology has a few challenges from time to time. That's why we offer such extensive care, on support and monitoring processes. We guarantee a proactive and dedicated service with the human touch. Whether the impact is minimal or business critical, our systems inform us of every single error code and issue. We even know if our clients machines are running low on anything and send it out in time. We offer our client the following services:

  • Managed Print Service
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Voice and Communications
  • Managed IT Services 

Our Quality Management System is consistent with ISO 9001:2015. Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure we act on the feedback from our clients and others that we engage with
  • Continually improve the services we provide
  • Remain compliant to all legislative & regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that those we engage with have a positive experience.

We do this by always looking for opportunities to improve then setting SMART objectives to maximise our strengths and minimise risk. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our clients receive a quality service and to demonstrate a high level of competence always.   

The Company’s services and systems are designed, engineered, and managed to exceed our client’s expectations through the simplest and most cost effective means possible.

The Company is committed to a training policy that ensures all personnel have the necessary competence and training to perform their duties.

The Quality Policy is understood by and communicated to all staff within the Company. It is the responsibility of Senior Management to investigate any quality problems and ensure that corrective action and/or preventative action is implemented as soon as possible. Senior Management shall also ensure customer requirements are determined and met, therefore enhancing customer satisfaction.

All the components that together make up our Management System are regularly reviewed to ensure they are appropriate, understood and most of all the system continually improves and we exceed our customers’ expectations.