We’re proud to be involved in a few critical initiatives that illustrate our commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible, while actively inspiring everyone we work with to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a small step for the environment — and one giant leap for our industry.

  • ISO 14001

    More than just a list of internationally recognized criteria, our ISO 14001 certification is a commitment to creating solutions that benefit the planet. It provides a meticulous framework to help manage our environmental responsibilities and continually ensure that our impact is for the better by shaping our strategic thinking into a measurable action plan for good.

  • The Xerox Green World Alliance

    As part of Xerox’s Green World Alliance, we’re part of a valuable recycling program that minimises the environmental impacts that printing processes can have on our planet. By taking advantage of their options to recycle empty cartridges and parts, we’re working to keep supplies out of landfills and lead the way in offering alternatives for used supplies.

  • Trees for Cities

    Trees for Cities is an independent charity that inspires people to cultivate change within their communities by planting trees and creating a healthier urban environment. We work with Trees for Cities to encourage and fund the practise of planting new trees to help limit our environmental impact. By demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, both our team and our clients are positively invested in a better future.

  • WEEE

    Our high standards for innovation are matched by our strict ethical trading and dedication to following the WEEE directive. We continually assess how we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and offer a cartridge recycling facility to make following best practices as seamless as our solutions.

  • HP Recycling Program

    As a resource to help drive a more sustainable system, we work with HP’s recycling program to close the loop on plastic waste and contribute to a greener work environment. Many of their printers are designed to minimise waste and power usage, while their recycling program makes all of its toner cartridges out of 100% recycled plastic.