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Showroom update

Following on from the opening of our showroom in October 2018 Logixal is proud to say that it has been a massive success. Our intention was for this showroom to be used for customers to demonstrate the capability of our devices as well as how workplace management systems come into play. This has been a huge success as many of our customers have requested that they come a look at some of the potential other machines they could be using as well as other document management systems which they may prefer to their existing methods.

When this room opened we moved many of our meetings to this new room, with air conditioning a large boardroom screen and table it was the perfect place to do this. The Versant 180 has remained very much a centre piece with new attachments being added to the device to automate booklet making and high quality print outs. The server has seen an increase in its usage and received several upgrades to its performance coping with the addiction of several other document management systems and addition of multiple printer drivers from all of our supported kit. Included in these packages was the ability to use biometrics for more secure printing in the form of a fingerprint scanner.

Not only has the showroom been a valuable asset to our customers in demonstrating our products, it has also been a very valuable resource for our engineers and employees. The showroom has allowed many of our sales and marketing teams to get a hands on experience of what products we are offering rather than having to base this off documentation. In addition this has been great in experimenting with the machines and trying to test out problems we may experience at our customers in our own environment to see if solutions we may be attempting to put out would work. Because of this we have a wide range of devices both multi-function, mono and production that we can work on.

Xerox 8030/35/45/55 with finisher (Left) and fiery command workstation (Right)

Overall we believe the showroom has been a magnificent success with it in use at almost all hours to deal with situations from testing to training to demonstrations. We hope that this continues to be the case in future and as the number of customers increase so will the amount of Kit in the showroom.

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