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Service: A Year in review

In 2018 Logixal had its busiest year yet. More customers than ever, with higher demands than ever. The responsibility placed on our service department has increased hugely. Thankfully Logixal has invested in high quality service tools and workstations and with highly trained staff on hand at all times within working hours service has maintained its high level of quality service and is proud to keep to its agreed call out times. Many customers have reported happiness with the way the service department operates, keeping a positive attitude and always ensuring customers have stock available when needed. Through extensive checks into the levels of consumables on our monitoring software we have kept downtime low and quality high. Our dedicated team of engineers has grown to meet with our demands and their vast experience in the printing industry aims to fix problems as quickly as possible from arrival on site to normal operations resuming.

Our service team is constantly striving to improve. Customer feedback, whether it be positive or negative is essential to this. One key piece of feedback which we have received is that customers would like eta's on when engineers will arrive to site. Due to this we have invested in new monitoring tools that allow us to easily and reliably track the location of our engineers as well as new screens in our office to put this tool on. This allows us to quickly inform our customers when our engineers will arrive using a quick glance onto our screens. We previously used a similar tool on a single screen that could sometimes be difficult to read leading it to become sometimes difficult for eta's to be given on the spot but we now hope with this investment it will be much easier to give customers a prompt response on when to expect and engineer.

Our engineers know their way around London well and our support desk works out the fastest way to get an engineer to you as soon as possible

A key area of satisfaction in 2018 was with the replenishing of available consumables on customers who have agreed to keep these on site. Our service team checks daily for when consumables are running low; checks this against the available consumables the customer keeps on site; the agreed level they are keeping and all this works to ensure minimum downtime for all of the machines. We train and allow the customer to fit parts such as toners, rollers and fusers as soon as they need to be changed. Our team has ensured that as soon as consumable levels reach an agreed level stock will be sent out for next day delivery or depending on the urgency need for consumables (in cases of fault or lack of available stock) they are sent out for same day shipping dependent on the time of day and the distance to the customer.

We differ ourselves from most suppliers by being able to get out stock in very short times, so if you are in need of a toner or a part we can get it to you before the work starts to pile up.

All of these checks and systems ensure that we can keep our customers online and printing as well as keeping a high level of customer satisfaction by communicating clearly with our customers to make sure they know exactly what is Logixal is doing to fix their issue.

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