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New Telephony system

Logixal is proud to announce that we have become to provider of a state of the art telephony system helping bring businesses into the 21st century. This system uses Voice over IP to minimise costs will keeping the call quality and performance high. Our telephony will be working with sleek telephony devices in the aim to deliver a perfect experience.

How it works

Our system is hosted in a data centre which ensures minimal downtime. It connects to your individual phones and can set them up in any arrangement you choose, whether its hot desking, group ringing or individual DIDs you can be assured that our system can give you what you are after.

Here you can see an example of our management console, we have a variety of tools that allow us to make quick and easy changes to our customers environments. For example, when switching providers we can help ensure there is no downtime by quickly organising a group dial that rings multiple numbers when just one number is contacted, we can also redirect all calls onto mobile numbers to make the process even smoother. Once set up you can take advantage of our mobile application which allows you to take calls as if you were at your desk when you are away. Our in depth statistics allow us to manage the telephony system from our office screens meaning we can detect and correct issues as quickly as possible. Investing in a high quality system such as this allows us to include a variety of integration tools into many customer relationship management systems, all designed to make your workplace simple and effective.

We also offer a customer portal which allows you to track your usage, costs, directory and any other telephony data you may require.

This portal can be customised by our team allowing you to have it as simple, or complex as you wish. Advanced tools on this portal also include accessing recordings for audit purposes and an activity log that will allow you to track date, time, date and usage of users to improve management and productivity.

Our first customer is a London based law firm and are scheduled to have their system set up in Mid to late December. Their setup will employ new Yealink model phones with headsets in a hotdesking system allowing users to login into their own DDI at each desk and then login on another simply by entering a user set pin and their extension.

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