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Logixal Showroom

Logixal is proud to announce the opening of our new showroom. This fantastic addition to our business will allow us to take our customers through a vanilla experience of printing devices and solutions. We hope that tools like this help us better understand the needs and demands of our customers examining print quality and speed on real devices giving the most accurate representation of a hands on experience with their device. The ability to produce physical documents on our high quality devices ensures you know exactly what you are getting and which model is best for you. Logixal have invested over £100,000 on printers, production devices, servers, computers and personalisation to bring the showroom up to a high quality environment that customers will enjoy to be in. Keep reading if you would like to know about the high tech equipment on display in our showroom.

Xerox Versant 180

The Versant 180 is a high quality production device capable of printing up to 80 high quality images per minute. Our device includes all the additional components from a high capacity feeder to a booklet maker. This is a top of the range device and the centrepiece of our showroom. Capable of printing images in Ultra HD resolution. The customisation options on this machine will allow you to build your device how you need it with components to simplify your workflow and make documents look professional.

iMac Pro

The iMac is a high quality proprietary device which is designed for usage in environments for creating high quality designs and images that are displayed on its 4k display. We use this device in co-ordination with our production printers to demonstrate their production quality as well as the integration of apple and windows devices in a single printing solution simplifying your workplace even further.

Showroom Server

A key aspect of our showroom is our dedicated server that all our devices connect to in there. This server allows us to test all of the features our customers might use. On here we have software such as papercut, sharescan, workplace suite and other solutions we offer. With this we offer a vanilla environment to any customer who may want a demonstration and this environment allows us to recreate the setup a customer may use in order to grasp a better understand of how the system may work if implemented in their business.

This investment in the showroom aims to keep customers informed about exactly what they are purchasing and what they would expect if they were to implement on of these print management solutions.

Other multifunction devices

In addition to these key aspects of the showroom we also demonstrate other high quality top of the line devices that you may be more interested in. The example above shows the range of C80/35/45/55 devices that will deliver a quick, high quality printout, scanning and copying solution for those who may not need all the extra features of the Versant 180.

Xerox workcentre C8030/35/45/55/70 a sleak multifunction device offering all your printing, scanning and copying needs.

Logixal's showroom has been personalised with a wall logo and window stickers

Logixal hopes that many of our customers, both prospect and existing, would like to come and visit our showroom to take a look at all the the different machines and solutions on offer to help them make a decision on their printing solution. The showroom is open during normal working hours and capable staff are always on hand to walk you through it.

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