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Logixal Seals Deal on 5 star hotel

Logixal document solutions is delighted to announce the privilege of being able to provide managed print services to one of the most prestigious hotels in the UK. This exciting opportunity is a chance for Logixal to provide its first set of reliable and robust HP multi-function and printing devices at a customer who cannot afford any downtime. This customer has high demands and Logixal takes them on with the belief that we can handle any obstacle that may be in our way. As well as this, we provided some of our high quality MFP's such as the Xerox 8070's for advanced printing and scanning needs. In addition we will be providing robust HP Printing machines that the customer will need to be dependent on.

Operating in one of the busiest cities in the UK this luxury hotel deals with many of Europe's most exclusive clients. As such the quality and reliability of the machines must be paramount to keep the Hotel moving. High demand jobs such as printing the menu's for each day, printing documents a guest may need or even a simple as printing off a bulletin must all go smoothly to ensure productivity.

The New Machines

The new fleet of state of the art HP machines come in a wide variety of models. These models are tailored to meet the customers needs, in this scenario Logixal will be providing a fleet of Laserjet devices capable of printing up to 50 pages per minute with the first page out in under 10 seconds.

These machines are scheduled to be installed in Mid 2019 and extensive planning and scheduling will be taking place to ensure the machines can be installed as efficiently as possible. As a trusted HP Partner First specialist we have been entrusted in distributing these machines a representing HP's brand. We are confident that their trust has been placed well and the install has been planned down to the last detail so that everything can be done as efficiently as possible.

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