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Logixal invests in new workplace solution

Logixal is constantly investigating new ways of improving workplace productivity, security and manageability. As such we have decided to start the distribution of Xerox workplace suite. This new software comes in alongside our existing solutions such as Papercut, giving customers greater freedom in deciding which system will suit their environment best.

Workplace suite offers print authentication, security and control over your costs with the ability to track workflows to ensure productivity and that no toner is going to waste.

Workplace suite is designed for on site installation on a print server with an approach that will allow you to get the features that you want so you have a dedicated management software that meets your needs and demands with the ability to add as many devices as you need.

Key features

Secure printing - The secure content security feature protects any data that passes through your device from external threats. Moreover, your prints are secure internally by printing to a secure queue that must be authenticated at the device before the job with the associated user can be viewed and released.

Data Protection - Protect your data using an advanced content filter that can search from specific words, strings or other data that matches confidential information that should never be printed or copied. If this data is found the administrator will be notified immediately so that it can be dealt with by your appropriate company procedure.

Authentication - This is important to ensure that jobs can only be released by the user who printed them, and there a variety of different options that you can pick to maintain the security/simplicity balance that you may require. You can implement a card reader, with a card associated to a user who can only release their own jobs; Mobile authentication using an NFC device with the Xerox Workplace Mobile App; Pin code giving a user a certain length code that only they will know to release print or simply integrate it with active directory in windows environments using their windows credentials to login to the printer. All these methods have their own benefits and it is completely up to you which one you want to use.

Single Sign-on - Using single sign on that allows you to access all features, scanning destinations and apps without having to use any additional steps. This information is stored securely with triple encryption so you can ensure these details are protected at all times.

Reports and rules - Administrators are able to set up a variety of printing rules in order to monitoring printing across their business. They will receive reports on usages monthly if set up and can set up quotas for print volume by users daily, weekly and monthly.

Universal printing and scanning - Whatever your network setup is you can be sure that you can get printing set up simply and securely. With a range of supported desktop platforms (Windows, Chromebooks and MacOS) and a range of supported mobiles (IOS, Android and Windows mobile OS for tablets)

Although workplace suite is designed for Xerox devices, a wide selection of features remain available on HP devices which further allow you to pick the solution you would like and keep the freedom of choice in picking your printing solution.

For any more information regarding workplace suite and any discussions you may want to have on the subject please email or call us on 02070140100.

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