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Sustainability has started to move up the agenda of corporations, as they respond there are growing expectations from consumers and investors. These changes may be due to the growing environmental regulations such as the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, committing parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. Subsequently, the IT and MPS sector is facing judgement for its contribution to its energy consumption and, therefore, significant impact on carbon emissions. As governments around the world introduce charges based on the amount of carbon emitted by organisations, it is crucial that organisations gain control over their energy usage and ensure that effective optimisation is in place wherever possible.

Sustainability not only reduces costs and improves bottom line figures, it also improves the perceptions of customers and suppliers of companies and brands. Today, organisations are implementing ‘green’ IT practices that reduce waste and, reduce costs whilst improving employee productivity.

One way that businesses are reducing financial costs and environmental impact is by using Managed Print Services to control, optimise and secure print infrastructure. Logixal provide an all-round managed print service, creating sustainable printing environments by deploying energy-efficient equipment, print practices to reduce paper wastage and consumable wastage together with disposal of devices and recycling programmes. With many SMEs lacking the resources or expertise to manage their own print environment, MPS enables them to reduce costs and address business and sustainability goals whilst focusing on their core competencies.

One of the key issues that SMEs is that they are unable to control print costs. Without the correct print infrastructure in place and left uncontrolled, printing can be a huge burden on both financial costs and environmentally. Many organisations operate a fragmented print infrastructure, characterised by a disparate mix of printers, copiers and scanners, with different supplies, support and maintenance. This leads to rising costs on consumables and paper costs, unmonitored and uncontrolled energy consumption, especially if printers are under used.

Additionally, many SMEs are not reducing the wastage of paper. Paper is thought to represent up to 80% of printing’s carbon footprint, organisations are missing out on a huge chance to reduce wastage. Only 22% of SMEs adopt policies for double-sided printing.

Logixal can help set up a MPS strategy for sustainability by implementing the following these processes:

  • Assessing the environmental impact - monitoring the volume of printing and overall costs across the fleet.

  • Consolidation of devices - Logixal will strategically map your new fleet of MFPs based on your business needs and help to reduce the number of devices, whilst ensuring these are beneficial on costs and require less options on consumables, keeping waste to a minimum.

  • Save Energy – Logixal can provide machines that are energy efficient and have fast warm up times, toner saving and sleep modes.

  • Reduce paper waste - Implement technologies that monitor the consumption of paper and help to plan how to reduce the need for unnecessary print jobs, with the ability to delete print jobs from the printer before it is released.

  • Recycling – Logixal are part of green initiatives, such as the Xerox Green World Alliance. Which focuses on recycling toner cartridges and supplies.

  • Digitise documents – Logixal will help by providing MFPs that can store and share documents which are scanned, with effective document workflow solutions. Which in turn will lower paper usage and improve productivity.

Logixal can ultimately implement a sustainable print infrastructure in your business, which will improve your environmental credentials, it will also reduce costs, improve productivity and reduce risk.

Contact us to find out how we can make you more sustainable and environmentally friendly. or call 020 7014 0100.

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