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The value of switching to digital workflows

For small and medium-sized businesses, moving to a digital and paperless option seems like a lot of effort and a large investment than it is worth. However, there is a simple reason that large corporate companies are becoming more reliant on digital workflows, the paper is expensive, and the benefits of moving digital are substantial. Switching to digital can mean more savings on cost and increased productivity, which in turn dramatically affects the profitability of a company.​

What is printing costing you?

It is easy to lose track of the cost of printing. Paper, toner as well as ongoing maintenance add up, this is a huge expense for SME’s.

  • The average UK employee uses 8,000 sheets of paper per year

  • As soon as forms and procedures are printed they become outdated

  • 45% of printed pages are recycled before the end of the day

  • UK companies spend $33 billion on print per year

  • Employees spend, on average, six hours per week looking for documents

  • If you lose all printed files, your business has a significant chance of failing (70%)

​Benefits of Digital Workflows

Moving to a digital workflow helps to solve a lot of the potential risks and problems with printing. With a digital workflow, your printing will be cut down substantially, which will cut down the cost from the beginning, which in turn improves profitability and reduces environmental impact.

Digital storage allows for numerous benefits. Of course, storing information on the cloud is cheaper, but in addition, documents are readily available wherever they are. This improves the opportunity for collaboration and increases productivity. With your data stored offsite, your data is easily backed up, meaning you are able to work. In addition to this documents can be referenced to help for easy searching saving the time to find files.

Moving digital

Moving to a digital solution is an investment into the longevity and future of your business. Changing the cultures of print heavy departments such as finance and HR can help to reduce your costs quickly.

Digital workflows are not just for corporate. SMEs are of course businesses with limited resources, and for these organisations, it is imperative that they adopt a new approach to help see the benefits of increased productivity moving digital can bring.

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