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Most people involved in the decision-making process or actively involved in the IT infrastructure will have heard on numerous occasions about backing up files and data. It is something that is discussed in numerous company’s senior meetings. However, it is common that it is overlooked.

Some organisations, either don’t implement backup systems, or they regularly forget to utilise the systems that they have invested in. This is understandable given the financial pressure and time constraints that smaller organisations are under. This is something that could be an immense potential risk for the future.

For an organisation that may overlook data backup, the following information may just help you change your focus.

The importance of backing up data

Before we delve into the details of offsite backup, it is pertinent to take a second to look at why it is important to backup information regularly for any organisation. Simply put, this can be explained by looking at the catastrophic impact data breach/loss can have on a business.

In a survey conducted in the United States, almost all organisations (93%) who lost crucial files and data for more than 10 days were declared bankrupt within one year of the disaster. This may seem like a strange and unrealistic statistic, but if you look at the effect mass data loss can have on a company, it makes scary but perfect sense.

A company that loses all data, could include, personal data of customers and all things confidential and business critical. The immediate effect that this will have on the operations and functionality of the business will have various repercussions.

Customers and clients could take legal action against the organisation for the loss of their data and the reputation of the business could be irreparably damaged.

In addition to this, there is always a potential threat that a company’s data and files aren’t reported on. As well as the risk of human error and system failure, business’ data can be subject to ransomware intrusions, email phishing scams and other cyber-attacks.

It is clear that backing up data is so crucial to the longevity of an organisation, and backing up systems offsite appears to be a smarter and more financially aware choice for a business.

Choosing an Offsite backup service

The main reason that any organisation will look to implement a new data backup and recovery plan is to improve their existing one, whether it is to invest in a physical onsite system or go to a cloud-based offsite system.

Implementing an internal one requires the company backing up the data from their server to an external hard drive or other storage media. Offsite backup utilises cloud technology or data centres to securely back up data away from the company’s system.

The latter of the two is becoming increasingly popular with companies of all sizes, due to the numerous advantages it has over internal physical onsite storage. Online backup, reduce infrastructure costs to a company by removing the need for server rooms.

In addition to this offsite backups can be automated so that the data is backed up on a regular basis without the need for anyone in the company to physically start the process. This improves company efficiency for time and money.

There are notable advantages for the levels of security and accessibility as well. Crucial information can be retrieved quickly and easily providing there is internet connection available while it is stored, it will also have sophisticated encryption to keep it secure.

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