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Why SMB's should focus on mobility

In the modern SMART and digital world, mobility is a necessity. In 2013, Gartner found that only 22% of business leaders had made a strong case for implementing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. Since then there have been developments, BYOD continues to be a thriving trend. Tech Pro Research found that the majority of companies are now allowing employees to bring in their own devices.


Why should organisations look to invest in mobility and BYOD strategies?

Increased profitability

From recent research conducted by the IES and The UK Institute for Work Studies found that if organisations were to increase their current investment by 10% they would increase profitability per employee by as much as $2,400, per annum. An SMB with 50 employees could increase revenue by £120,000.

Improved staff well-being

Virgin Pulse conducted a survey, found that almost all companies asked (97%) agree that employee well-being positively influences employee engagement. Mobility helps ease parts of wellness with the impact of engagement, it is a contributing factor with work/personal stress, physical health, personal relationships and work productivity. Additionally, increases flexibility with nomadic teams, collaboration and this will give improvements.

Enhanced Results

With the improvements of engagement and teams being more engaged there will be great results. Research has shown that companies with teams that are better engaged will outperform other teams by more than two times.

Narrow skills gap

In order to remain competitive, it is vital for companies to have the right skills. 34% of global conglomerates struggle to fill roles due to a lack of talent. This number is higher in other regions too. With enhanced mobility, the right employees within an organisation can be seamlessly put onto tasks, regardless of location, enabling engagement anytime and anywhere.

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