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MPS starting to grow in popularity

Every day most businesses will print, however, most are not aware of how much they are spending on print. Managing IT costs is a concern of most SMBs and large corporate organisations, and this has seen a rise in the popularity of MPS, CompTIA research has found that almost 75% of offices print daily.

Managed print services (MPS) is becoming broadly implemented by vendors and channel partners as a way for customers to manage print costs. A lot of organisations are wasting money on inefficient processes and diverse and ageing printers. This is usually because companies do not understand what can be done to cut costs and improve workflows using the new printers, that are more energy-efficient and secure devices.

A managed service helps businesses buy printers while organising consumables, maintenance and support in one ongoing contract. Rather than making substantial financial investments in hardware.

Not all resellers are the same, so not all MPS offerings should be either, warns Paul Gaiser, general manager for Xerox partner print services sales operations at Xerox Europe channels group.

Paul stated some partners may have a strong background in MPS already and might be looking for ways in which vendors and distributors can add to their strengths. “Others may be new to the game, and may prefer to focus on the customer relationship and commercial opportunities, leaving the print vendor to deliver everything from MPS sales cycle expertise to the full execution of MPS contracts,” Gaiser says.

There are differences between what partners expect from vendors and distributors when it comes to MPS. But there will also be big differences in the services their customers require, “ranging from basic print services to more advanced MPS, including print and document-related solutions”. Gaiser says this means print vendors need to provide a configurable MPS platform with process capabilities, resources and flexibility across an entire continuum of MPS offerings.

To achieve this, print vendors need expertise they can share with partners through training and certification programmes, and partners need to ensure their print vendors are capable of providing MPS.

“Last, but not least,” Gaiser says, “the print vendor or distributor should be able to show a growth path and strategic roadmap.”

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