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UK and US Companies looking to outsource IT security

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) have an opportunity to target businesses as nearly half plan to outsource their security, according to research from service management software provider SolarWinds MSP.

The managed service provider (MSP) arm of SolarWinds released results from a recent survey of 401 UK and US enterprises in a report called ‘The Path to MSSP’.

Based on the findings of the report 80% of all respondents are planning to alter the way in which they manage their IT Security in the next 12 months. Those most likely to outsource makeup almost half (49%) and the report highlights how MSSPs could possibly take advantage of these opportunities.

There were five key types of opportunity identified within the report:

  1. 60% of respondents are handling security internally either as a whole or in part but just over 4 in 5 are planning to switch over to an outsourced model in the next 12 months. Nearly half are doing this as an internal resource is proving to be too expensive.

  2. The next best opportunities, (24%) of the market are business switching from internal to external resources.

  3. 10% of the market is currently outsourcing their IT security management but have decided to bring it internally.

  4. 9% of US and UK companies are about to switch their current service provider because they are deemed unworthy of the cost

  5. The last opportunity lies in the 8% of businesses currently outsourcing their IT security but seeking a cheaper provider.

A crucial step is to become an MSSP, 70% of the market confirmed they would look more favourably on a service provider that described themselves as an MSSP provider.

As we move forward security of data will be high on many organisations agendas particularly in the UK and Europe as greater focuses are on being ready for GDPR.

Logixal provide the latest and most secure Enterprise Content Management systems and Managed Print Services features available, all of which help to make your organisation compliant with GDPR.

Contact or call +44 (0) 20 7014 0100 to find out how we can help you comply.

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