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Digitisation is moving up on the agenda for SME's

Everywhere you look, people are talking about 'digitisation'/'digital transformation' or so it seems. But in comparison to other buzz words we've seen come and go, this is one that is driving change.

Companies are now more than ever focused on moving from paper to digital workflows, and this has the potential to disrupt how organisations work internally and externally. This could be down to the desire of cutting costs. operate more efficiently, provide a better service and gain competitive advantages.

This may seem like something applicable only to large organisations with big IT departments. But this is not the case.

Documents are still a focal point of business and processes, up to at least 40% regardless of the size of the company. So this is something that SME's should be looking to implement and care about.

Based on a Xerox study this is something that SME's are starting to adopt. They told Xerox they want to digitise processes to reduce costs, grow business and make it easier to share documents.

Equally one of the great things is that SME's are also focusing on the bigger picture. They are looking beyond cost control but adding value.

Digitisation isn't just the case of converting paper documents into digital ones. That is a big win as you can cut costs, storage, improve sharing and accessibility resulting in less time wasted. But this is just the start.

Digitisation involves developing an end-to-end solution that includes document routing, storing, sharing and printing. It incorporates technologies available such as mobile print and high-level security.

It also takes workflows and automation. So with one press of a button, a multi-function printer could scan an invoice, route it to whoever needs to see it and store in the cloud.

Clearly from the survey forward-thinking SME's are aware of the potential of the next level in digitisation.

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