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What is the future of print?

We may only see printers as simple devices that can print out a document and do simple tasks. Whilst it is true printers, of course, do print, scan and photocopy. However, there have been noteworthy technological advancements that can make significant changes to businesses.

Print from the cloud

Xerox has developed ground-breaking technology that enables printing from the cloud, executives are able to pull cloud printing from any technology-enabled multi-function printer using ConnectKey technology. This has ensured that not only the flexibility of printing a document from any printer in the organisation but the security measures have heightened too. This is because the printer requires authentication for print, scan or copy functions.

This technology has revolutionised the traditional printer to modern day SMART technology, ConnectKey technology has a range of features including:

Re-usable Paper

I am sure we are all culpable for making a mistake on a document then printing it and then immediately shred or recycle the paper. However, this feels like an incredible waste not only for the resources for the paper but also the time it then takes to rectify the document and print.

New research has commenced, led by Ned Thomas, professor of engineering, materials, science, nano-engineering, chemical, bi-molecular engineering and chemistry at Rice University in the U.S, in collaboration with his former doctoral student Cheolmin Park, now a professor at Yonsei University in Seoul has produced intriguing results that involves a chemical process that allows printing of colour images on specially coated paper, erase those images, and print new images on the same paper.

An article by Futurity acknowledged that the chemical process enabled them to print and erase on a single piece of paper over 50 times with the same quality that is similar to a commercial inkjet printer.

You can read their findings here.

Improving technology for the visually impaired

253 Million people are presumed to be visually impaired globally WHO estimates. With the majority of visually impaired people live in low-income settings, and due to the cost of standard braille printers, most don't have access to the devices they need. This led to a collaboration between J. Walter Thompson Bangkok and Samsung, who combined have developed special ink which can be loaded into ink cartridges in home printers, transforming normal printers to braille printers. Once the ink has been printed on paper and heated up using any household item such as a hairdryer, the ink rises into bumpy and touchable braille-like texture. Offering an affordable alternative to braille printers.

Looking forward

The print industry is a forward-thinking, dynamic field that is consistently pushing forwards and developing technological breakthroughs that continually improve people’s lives, reduce the effects on the environment and improve the bottom line on businesses.

Ask us about our managed print services (MPS) and electronic content management systems (ECM) which can help your business reduce waste, cut cost, increase efficiency, and improve the bottom line.

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