How to optimise your IT budget with

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Why you should adopt an MPS

Saving your business money with an MPS

The phrase 'managed print services' covers a wide range of options, that can support your organisations printing requirements. Generally managed print services providers are specialists in delivering and supporting an organisation print infrastructure, and at the same time can save your business time, money and improve the productivity.

Simply, you choose a printer that you would look to buy, then you get all the hardware and consumables rolled into a per-page charge, with delivery of stock when required.

Alternatively, an MPS provider will come in and audit the current process and what is being printed, copied and scanned and will look at ways in which they can help improve efficiencies. The MPS will determine the most optimal hardware suited to the requirements taking into account the productivity and costs. Following that the provider then manages and maintains the fleet of printers, project manage the install and refresh the consumables and proactively check the machines.

Wider document management services

MPS providers are now also looking into the wider issues with document management, this entails workflows that are suited for digitisation.

The common view that MPS providers only a focus on printing and paper, the way forward for companies is to allow providers worry about the devices and systems you need, take on the management of the fleet, provide support and keep the device working while also looking at the workflows and improving productivity of staff. This will allow your teams to get on with their day-to-day jobs and print when they need to. Logixal can save your business up to 30%.

Which service is suited to you?

If you have a high print volume then it is an idea to get a quote for managed print services. If your not printing in large quantities then there is little chance to make much of a saving. Whatever the size of your business it is worth doing your own internal audit, analysing current printing costs in terms of money and time. This will therefore allow you to understand whether a quote offered by an MPS provider is going to save you money and time.

'There are ways of offering managed print services that are great for the customer' Glenn Gibson, Fuji Xerox - Value Product Marketing Manager said. MPS 'encourage businesses to grow' and support businesses peaks and troughs.

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