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Are IT departments set up to fail?

The days of the IT department being able to sit at their desk waiting for issues with hardware or software are over.

Now, IT departments play a pivotal role within organisations, having the ability to shape an organisations strategy, by leading technological projects which in turn increase business growth, rather than just playing a supportive role and help desk to revenue making teams.

Whilst the old tasks are expected, it is crucially important that IT departments help drive innovation, in addition to; managing and upholding business infrastructure; deal with the continuing challenges of cyber security and data protection; ensure staffs are using the right software and have the newest firewalls and company applications, all the while supporting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy.

While the remit of the IT department has broadened to encompass all of this, the management of IT has had to do this on limited budgets, which shows no signs of growth. Internal IT staff numbers dwindle, and with the introduction of cloud computing and on-demand services, this has removed the requirements for in-house specialists.

This puts an extraordinary amount of strain on the department, running the risk of the organisation implementing technology and managed by an overstretched IT team who don’t have the time or understanding to maximise technologies to help grow revenues.

To evade this situation, should organisations offer more resources to the IT department? Or is it better for organisations to look for outsourced solutions, to enable IT leaders to focus on driving innovation?

In actuality both apply, organisations could look to support the IT function by allowing more resources. However, this puts a heavy financial burden on what could be tight margins, and for an SME this makes it tough to invest. The latter could be an ideal solution especially for an SME, additional resources can be added to support the current IT function with outsourced IT at a lower expense and to concentrate on the small IT issues, managed print services (MPS), Electronic Content Management (ECM) Data and IT issues and Telephony (VoIP).

This will allow IT leaders to implement digital transformation projects, by looking to create value and focus on innovation, technological advancement.

The fact remains, that whilst IT departments may desire more resource this only amounts to 15% of CIOs biggest barriers, the highest being the skills shortage at 22% according to a report by Gartner, the UK is currently suffering a technological skills shortage, especially around ‘Big Data’.

Data that is collected has massive value to an organisation albeit without the skills in place to analyse and manage the data. As well as developing insights, companies often fail to obtain the potential rewards. In addition, with GDPR coming in, understanding of how to best manage and secure data is of critical importance in order to avoid a detrimental fine. This is an area organisation must invest in either through internal skills or looking for outsourced specialists.

Logixal are positioned to help organisations by taking the headache and pain of ticketed IT issues, by offering an outsourced IT team to support with the day-to-day as well as supporting your organisation with managed print solutions. Our team take the time to understand your issues and can help simplify process, by streamlining workflows and implementing electronic content management and could storage to free up more of your IT team time, enabling them to help grow your organisation.

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