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2017 Digital Marketing Trends - You Need To Know

With two months into 2017, marketers have been busy preparing for the year ahead. Over the last year, new doors of innovation have been opened - we've seen the rise of Virtual Reality, rising popularity of 3D printing and live video. Looking forward to Tech Savvy 2017, here are 6 Digital Marketing trends to help kickstart your brand strategy.

Trend #1

Mixed Reality Becomes an industry Standard – Rise of VR/AR

The AR/VR revolution is here, 2016 has proven itself the year of interactivity. Pokémon Go opened the door to AR gaming by creating an experience allowing the user to see Pokémon through their smartphone camera and experience the feeling of being involved in the game. It has opened doors for other companies wanting to bring AR into the gaming world and no doubt will be explored heavily in 2017.

Gaming alone isn’t the only way mixed reality is making its mark; brands are now using VR as a digital experience, within pop up shops and in combination with apps. The potential is just starting to be explored, 2017 will open new doors for virtual experiences.

Trend #2

Social Live Streams Take Centre Stage

It’s time to go live! Already making its mark on the industry the use of live video streaming will only increase.

Live streaming has been hugely popular with younger audiences and within the gaming world, but has now become widely used for event coverage and brand experiences. Businesses are able to engage instantly, ask for comments on what users would like to see and offering customers a chance to view events without having to wait. Facebook Live, Ustream and Periscope, are just a few of the platforms where brands can interact using live video, but there is no doubt other services will be adding the feature this year.

Trend #3

Smart Tech and Voice Assistants Popularity surge

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant – already these names are making lives easier. In 2017 smart tech and voice assistance will dominate! As more devices are adding the feature voice assistants will become a much sought after technology.

Check out our review of the Amazon Echo below!

Trend #4

The Rise of Social Shopping

Who has time to go to the shops when you could just buy it online and have it delivered. Facebook recently launched a marketplace on their website for ecommerce, adding a new level to shopping – social media. Customers will soon be able to instantly buy a product the moment they find the image. In 2017 many social media websites will have to determine how they will tackle social shopping. Although this is still relatively new, it has been picking up more and more steam and more brands are keen to explore social shopping.

Trend #5

The Continued Domination of Video

We have mentioned the importance of video within marketing strategies, the upcoming tech of 2017 will make it even more important. Video marketing has proven that it has the potential to be the largest source of user engagement. As video platforms continue optimising and brands keep creating engaging video content you can expect that 2017 to have more interactive video at the forefront.

Trend #6

Working The Wearables

Style and technology are a match made in heaven! Brands have found amazing success pairing technology with fashion. Brands like Nike, Michael Kors, Swarovski, and Ralph Lauren have all embraced wearables as an important part of their collections. In 2017 more fashion houses will be opening the technology door offering more reasons to get excited about wearables. This cross collaborating will be huge within the marketing industry giving both tech and fashion companies a chance to find common ground and explore new ways to engage customers at every level.

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