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3 Easy Ways To Manage Work Stress

It is inevitable that at some stage during your working week you will be forced to deal with something stressful. Whether it's posting invoices, high-intensity client meetings or finishing a last minute proposal we all have stressful tasks to cope with.

"The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015/16 was 488,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1510 per 100,000 workers."

- HSE.Gov

It is vital that you acknowledge ways in which work might be getting you down, often the issue isn't the job or your level of responsibility but more how you cope with the challenges. Here are 3 ways you can better manage your work stress.

1.) Buy a journal, use it!

Keeping a journal can help you track the source of your stress, if 3/5 days a week you write down the same complaint it may be time to address that specific issue more directly. It is easy to miss the smaller details that contribute to daily struggles, journalling can help with this.

2.) Exercise, not as you know it

Exercise improves your mood and gives you a huge shot of endorphin's, this is something you've probably heard a few times. However exercise is great because it can give you a sense of achievement by helping you meet physical goals, community through team sports and overall sense of life satisfaction through fun physical activities. The benefits of exercise can see you feeling more well rounded and having a great sense of work life balance.

3.) Ask for help, get some good tools

So many people when confronted with stressful experiences at work worsen their state by refusing to ask for help. A fear of vulnerability means that too many suffer in silence. It is OK to ask for help and essential if your challenges are based on poor or a lack of quality tools. Look into automating your existing day to day processes to cut back on time. For example posting 100's of invoices can be done in a fraction of the time by using cutting edge technology to scan them all into your accounting software. There are thousands of clever solutions available to the average office worker that they simply aren't aware of. Find out how we can help you discover these today.

If you or anyone you know is suffering with stress, anxiety, depression or simply want more advice on the topic, visit for more info.

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