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3 Ways Simplicity Improves Productivity

The key to maximising productivity lies within making day to day processes as simple as possible. This straightforward approach to business isn't going anywhere soon and that's simply because it works. Here are our three ways a simple approach can drive your business towards a more productive future.

1.) Make yourself a list

This simple and timeless organisation tool can help you prioritise and create an action plan. Whether you want to scrawl it onto some lined paper, jot it down on a post-it or type it ever so neatly into an app like Evernote, you just cant go wrong with a good old fashioned list. Write down everything you know you need to do, put it somewhere you can see or access easily. Having a list helps you keep track of your tasks and monitor progress, you can also try adding your deadlines to the list or colour coding certain tasks in order of importance. There is nothing quite as satisfying as putting a line through or tick in a box next to an item that you've completed.

2. Go paperless

Whilst most businesses may never be totally rid of paper, so many businesses can improve productivity, security and meet compliance requirements by integrating an Electronic Content Management system that allows paper documents to be scanned and uploaded to a secure cloud system. This can be accessed remotely, edited and is totally searchable ensuring that documents never get lost, are only seen by the correct people and are always backed up. Electronic Content Management is a major player in the realm of office productivity, revolutionising team collaboration and document sharing. Simplifying workflows and transforming long winded day to day processes like re-typing documents into simple scanning procedures that take no more than a matter of seconds.

3. Get flexible

One of the biggest workplace trends happening in some of the most innovative companies around the world including Google, Apple and Deutsche Bank is flexible working. 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity after a shift to flexible working*.

A simplified and independent approach to working location and hours leaves room for employees to take real responsibility for their tasks and time. More and more companies are allowing their staff to work more flexible hours outside of the office. Working remotely means that those who don't thrive in an office environment can get better results working from home, a cafe or even from a park bench. Offering employees the option of adjusting their working hours and location can help them to meet the requirements of being a parent, attending further education courses or caring for ageing parents, all of which will make them happier, more loyal and productive employees.

*Regus Productivity Report - October 2013

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