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3 Ways To Overachieve

It is easy to settle into a comfort zone at work. Existing in a place where you do your job but don't accomplish anything outstanding. Achieving goals is simply a part of the everyday work process, however over-achieving puts you in a position where you can build a fantastic name for yourself within your company and sector. Overachieving is the first step towards career progression and legacy building.

1.) Claim responsibility

Over-achievers often take responsibility in ways that aren't always obvious. This can mean picking up the slack, carrying some extra weight or making yourself more available. Don't wait to be asked to take on more responsibility claim it in advance. Look at ways in which your colleagues or department is struggling and step up. This doesn't need to be workload related only it could mean organising a team charity related event, taking responsibility for team building activities or just covering for a colleague who is away.

2.) Employ fantastic tools

Whether it is just you or your entire department, employing the best possible tools to help you achieve is key. Look for tools and services that save you and your team time, money and automate processes. Look into service providers that share your priorities and unload some of the burden.

3.) Get comfortable with discomfort

The worst thing about the comfort zone is that it makes you extremely sensitive to any form of discomfort. This however, is a key part of over achievement. To do something significant it will require you to go to a place you may not have been to before. Knowing that it won't be forever, it is important to get to a place where you can become more comfortable with discomfort.

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