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smarter document management

Uncovering hidden inefficiencies: How to simplify your processes

What hidden inefficiencies are complicating your day to day?

In the workplace there are several things that an IT leader has to prioritise. From ensuring security for your company’s data and network, to integrating billing systems and tracking expenses accurately. There are likely to be efficiency pitfalls all throughout your day to day workplace processes. The key to uncovering these hidden inefficiencies lies within implementing systems that simplify processes for you. A combination of intelligent infrastructure design and clever automation can see your workplace productivity totally transformed.

Efficiency Priorities:

  • Confidentiality

  • Ensuring security for your company’s data and network

  • Integrating billing systems

  • Costing projects and tracking expenses accurately

  • Environmentally friendly

  • App Tech and Mobile Device Printing

  • Customised user accounts enabling specific print settings

Improve your security

One of the biggest reasons to optimize your document workflow is security. Documents left in print trays may have internal or commercial sensitivity. Network security can be compromised by unauthorized third-party apps downloaded to enable mobile printing. Multi-function printer hard drives may also contain sensitive data that should be erased after printing. BYOD increases the complexity of device management, both authorized and unauthorized. Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your document workflow will help you eliminate these issues and operate more securely.

Digitize workflows

Get rid of the repetitive steps needed for common processes. You can create customized, one-touch digital workflows (such as scanning an invoice and saving it to a specific shared folder) using the front panel interface on your MFP. Then, once you’ve defined the workflow, you can save it as an ‘app’ so that users can finish those tasks in one step.

Integrate with the cloud

Remove unnecessary steps by integrating your print infrastructure into new cloud productivity and storage tools like Dropbox and Google Apps for Work. Most users typically have to use email or their desktops to send print commands, even though they’re already using these cloud apps. By integrating these apps with your printers, you cut one step out of the process and free your users up to connect to any systems they need.

Integrate with mobile

Give your users easier ways to connect and print, from any device, anywhere at any time. Choose a cross-platform solution that’s integrated with your regular applications and makes printing as easy as sending an email. In the process, you’ll eliminate the need for some users to install third-party solutions, which increase the burden on IT support and could create security issues.

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