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The Paperless Hospital saving £27.5 million

Yeovil Hospital NHS Trust is going paperless to improve patient care and save up to £27.5 million. Chief Information Officer Jason Maclellan feels that an electronic content management system will enable a more complete view of the patient's journey. He emphasises the fact that a paperless system will massively "enhance clinical functionality" through the use of electronic notes and prescriptions.

"The patient handover between departments now flows more efficiently and creates a greater opportunity of improving of the staff and patient face time," - Chief Information Officer Jason Maclellan, via CIO

5 Major reasons why the Health sector is going paperless:

1.) One Unified and consistent system

By implementing an Electronic Content Management system such as Docushare, you create a unified workflow for absolutely everyone involved in a patient's records. No matter what the department or physical location, all files relating to that patient can be easily managed, would be fully searchable and amendable from a secure mobile device or desktop.

2.) Easy to transfer physical files

Docushare enables documents to be scanned directly into the system as images which are then transformed into fully searchable PDF's. So getting that sensitive patient data into the system is as straightforward as photocopying.

3.) Saves money

There is huge potential to save money with a system like Docushare with figures showing a huge 50% savings in operational costs on average. The removal of extra paper, ink, toner and hardware waste, means that most organisations can look at saving significant amounts, £27.5 million in the case of Yeovil hospital for example.

4.) Productivity

Docushare boasts a massive 80% reduction in time spent searching for documents and files. It also enables systematic workflows to be embedded improving and simplifying collaboration and sharing.

5.) Security

Perhaps most importantly of all, Docushare can guarantee total security for sensitive patient files, meaning no files get lost, ever. Also, user specific folders mean that only specific individuals have access to certain folders, no un-certified individuals can browse through a paper file they may find by chance. Everything is locked away in a safe and secure digital filing cabinet, out of the reach and sight of those who shouldn't have access. A genuine way to ensure compliance.

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