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The Paperless Office: 4 Reasons why everyone is going paperless (Infographic)

The continual development of all things digital and the cultural movement towards cloud based solutions means that far more organisations are adopting the paperless office model. See the main reasons why everyone is turning to paperless solutions.

1.) Security and Compliance

For many companies operating in heavily regulated fields such as Health, Government, Legal, Finance and Tech security and compliance is a top priority. The days of having paper documents scattered throughout the office and accessible to anyone who should happen to have a sharp enough eye are gone. Locked file cabinets just aren't enough to overcome burglary or absent minded staff members. The key to true security and compliance is a paperless Electronic Content Solution that ensures that only the right people get access to those highly sensitive documents. In the same way important and private documentation cannot become lost, copies cannot be made and they most certainly cannot be picked up and stolen.

2.) Saving Money

Whilst the initial outlay of purchasing brand new equipment can be pricey, the long term ROI is well worth it. A brand new tablet may set you back a couple of hundred but when it replaces every printed piece of paper for the next 3-5 years that is a saving well into the thousands.

3.) Storage and Space Saving

For most companies, office space is at an all time premium. Filing cabinets take up significantly large portions of space that can be better used for staff members, equipment or that vending machine everyone's been hoping for. With an Electronic Content system you can do away with filing cabinets and get rid of piles of papers and notebooks that crowd your desk and drawers. With a completely editable, searchable content system you can file your documents seamlessly according to date, subject, purpose and even team relevance.

4.) The Environment

It is an oldie but definitely a goodie! The environment still matters and whilst there are several other pressing issues in business and the green card has been pulled so many times, it is still something that companies absolutely must keep in mind. Think about how much paper is wasted for example in the form of post-its and scrap note paper, why not try utilising a system like Evernote that will not just categorise your notes but also enable you to share and tag them so nothing gets lost, thrown away or forgotten.

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