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3 Ways To De-clutter Your Mind

Keeping your mental space organised can be tricky. We often need to de-clutter in order to think clearly or just power down and get a good rest. Clearing your mind sounds like an abstract concept, especially when you are trying to juggle several important projects. However, healthy mindful practices can help us cope with stress and unexpected challenges. Utilise the three tips below to avoid getting to the "throw your computer in the bin" phase.

1.) Make A To-Do List

A good old fashioned to-do list can help you feel a sense of achievement after checking off a task. This sensation of progress allows you to mentally remove one work burden at a time. Try writing your to-do list in a book or using an app dedicated to life management. To-do lists are also readily available in many email platforms which can help you to stay on top of your productivity goals.

2.) Measure & Assess

For many of us a sense of closure is what helps us to release something from our minds. Acknowledging milestones isn't enough to help us feel like we can stop obsessing over a big project at times. It may help to measure progress and really assess what has been achieved up to this point. See what was done well and allow yourself to celebrate your achievements, however small.

3.) Leave Work at Work

There will be times in your career when bringing work home may become a genuine necessity but if this isn't that phase be sure to set clear boundaries outlining where work begins and ends. Keep work related objects out of the bedroom, no laptops by your bedside table for example. Leave documents and brief cases out of sight. Take actions to round up each day so that your evenings and weekends can be stress free and of course turn off work emails or work related notifications as often as you can.

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