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10 Genius Stress Relief Strategies

Before you flip your desk and storm out in a fiery rage, try some of the below quick and simple tips for ways to soothe your work stress. These tools can help you to achieve a more peaceful working day and manage challenges a bit better.

1.) Desk meditation

Try an app like Omvana or Calm on your phone, listen to a Youtube meditation and take 5 minutes out to think calm thoughts and reset yourself. This is a brilliant way to feel calm and confident after an unpleasant interaction, a stressful request from a superior or just before an important meeting.

2.) Have a cup of tea

Seriously, a cup of mint or chamomile tea are known to help you relax and feel calm. Try bringing in some of your own herbal tea bags and pouring yourself a cuppa when things get on top of you.

3.) Utilise the power of smell

By placing air fresheners or using scented creams you can quickly and effectively achieve a strong sense of calm and peace right from your desk. Lavender scented creams or air fresheners are particularly effective.

4.) Get organised

Alot of the time our stress comes from a sense of not being able to manage or not knowing what to do. When we become organised we can reduce our stress levels as we will have a strong sense of order and a plan to stick to. This gives us greater security and less to stress about.

5.) Talk to someone

Bottling up all of your stress is not at all effective and can lead to severe mental anxiety. It is important to establish a safe place where you can express your worries and concerns. If you work has a dedicated HR department speak to them about the best person to discuss issues with. If HR is not your preferred route seek out a counselor, mentor or therapist to discuss your issues with. You can even try calling helplines such as, or who can offer advice, support or just listen to you. Be sure to ask your colleagues and managers for help if you feel overwhelmed with work also.

6.) Exercise

Exercise is proven to help reduce stress, so incorporating it into your day can completely transform your stress management abilities. Try riding to work if it is in an easy enough distance, perhaps visit the gym on your lunch break or take a fitness class at the end of the day. Activities like jogging, kick boxing, dance and yoga are helpful for highly stressful jobs.

7.) Write down what you are worried about

Journaling is a great way to get things off your mind, putting pen to paper to express your concerns and fears can help you to release. Try writing a list of the things that disturbed you during the day, then throw away the paper. It may have a cathartic effect and make you feel as though you've been able to let go.

8.) Write down what you are grateful for

Oprah is one of the many people who openly attribute the act of writing down the things she is grateful for as a key activity for better mental well being. Acknowledging all the things you are grateful for in a day helps you to put yourself into a positive mindset and focus more on what went right naturally relieving stress.

9.) Get some sleep

When we are tired we are less able to cope with anxiety and stress. By ensuring you get your solid 8 hours you can give your mind a better chance of coping with everyday pressures.

10.) Use your holiday

Many people suffer from severe stress and anxiety and often utilise their holidays poorly. Instead of taking long two week breaks why not try planting holidays throughout the year, long weekends and a few odd days off where you can. This evenly distributes your holidays meaning that you can enjoy smaller breaks more frequently helping you to power down more often.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from sever workplace stress or anxiety it is very important to speak to someone. See the below links to discuss more:

No Panic, 0844 967 4848

Samaritans, Free to call helpline number (UK Only) +44 116 123

Mind, 0300 123 3393

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