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Health Is Wealth: Office Health and Fitness Tips

Keeping fit and healthy in your everyday desk job can sometimes be quite the challenge. With a range of unhealthy but convenient lunch choices and copious amounts of tea, coffee and biscuits sessions you can quickly find yourself slipping into a pit of fatigue, low-energy, lack of concentration and generally poor health. Here are someways to give yourself a positive health and fitness boost.

Get Some Sleep

From one chronic yawner to another I urge you, get some sleep! Sleep deprivation has similar effects on your brain as being intoxicated and it causes you to burn calories at a slower rate. On top of this it also massively impacts your ability to make decisions, concentrate and produce your best work. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night for good health.

Pack A Lunch

As simple as it sounds, bringing food in from work can help improve your health massively. Making a healthy homemade lunch means that you have greater control over what you are eating and cuts down on the risky lunches that eat away at your pocket and your health levels. Plan ahead to ensure you prepare well-balanced meals with fruit and vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as brown rice for slow energy release.

Walk to work

Adjusting your commute to include more time walking can improve your fitness significantly. Spending a little bit more time on your feet can give you a great energy boost before you hot the office ensuring a productive and active morning.

Take a break

Be sure to take a break from your desk and computer screen at frequent points in the day. Relax your wrists and hands from typing go for a walk outside, perhaps try meeting a friend for lunch. Taking a break from your work can help me lower stress levels and be more productive when you are back.

Desk Meditations

Meditating is a great way to relax your mind during a stressful day and can help you lower those dangerous stress levels that fuel alot of other negative health habits. Try plugging your headphones in and listening to a short guided meditation using an app like Omvana or Calm. If you'd prefer to go the app-less route perhaps try finding a silent corner, closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a few moments instead.

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