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Conquer Fearless Decision Making at Work

Many of us cower at the thought of stepping up to the plate and making a tough choice. When we are held personally responsible for a pivotal decision the pressure can seem immense. With an audience of colleagues, management and other departments watching our every move it is important to make a decision that not only gets the job done well but proves to everyone that you can lead and exercise great judgement.

Know your stuff

There is no quicker way to shoot yourself in the foot than to make a blind decision because you did not get as much information as you possibly could. Thorough research empowers you to make a decision and gives you confidence. Speak to experts, get online, visit a library ask some questions. Do whatever it takes to gain full understanding.

Dissect Your Fears

Acknowledge your fears openly and honestly, be truthful with yourself, there is absolutely no shame in having fears but you have to confront them so they don't prohibit your decision making. Try writing a list and thinking of systematic ways to combat each one.

Trust Yourself

With so many outside voices fighting to be heard it is often challenging to really tap into your own instincts. This however is key, spend time thinking alone to really assess what you think the right thing is to do. Once you've come to a decision don't sway back and forth based on negative comments, make up your mind, stand by your choice and trust yourself.

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