We were delighted to visit the Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Club in Hackney and meet founding members Nicolette Nixon and Bill Gallagher, to donate PCs to the Youth Club to support their homework support and education programme.

The Club in Hackney runs a variety of structured sessions including music workshops, cooking classes, wellbeing and mentoring sessions, youth volunteering programme, education support and homework clubs. The Youth Club is open five days a week for ages 7 to 25 years. Morningside Youth Club was formed in 1999 with a mission to set up positive activities for young people on Morningside Estate. In 2004 they changed their name to Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Clubs, to reflect the opening of a second youth club on the Gascoyne Estate.

Nicolette, Co-Founder and Co-Leader of Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Clubs commented ‘We’d like to thank everyone at Logixal for providing us with the computers.  They really will make a difference to the young people who attend our sessions particularly those who come for education/homework support.  Before we were using tablets which simply weren’t good enough for what they needed.  Now we have proper equipment we can support more young people and expand our education support programme.’

Some comments from the youths at the Club:


‘The tablets are good, but these are much better’

‘Thank you for the computers, we can’t wait to use them’

Daniel Hoile, Founder and CEO at Logixal commented ‘ I find it truly inspiring what Nicolette and Bill do for the local community – From providing food banks, workshops, an education support programme and homework clubs. They dedicate their time, energy and commitment to improving lives and it’s amazing.  It's a pleasure to contribute and support their future plans to include IT skills in theIr education programme and give young people in the local community access to technology to carry out homework.' 

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Logixal with Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Club