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Global connectivity at reduced costs

Keeping your business connected doesn't need to be a challenge. With our Business Voice over IP system (or VoIP) you can make as many calls to as many places as you like at a low price. Enable your colleagues to talk to each other, wherever they are!

Our clients enjoy better business continuity, reduced costs and the highest levels of security. We also provide hosted services and should disaster strike, our expert engineers can get to you right away with the information, support and quick fixes you ​need. No crossed wires of any kind. Quite literally.

A vital business process made simple and affordable. With Logixal in your corner, you can expect excellence.  Whether you’re looking to save money on calls, mobile contracts or a brand new phone system, we are here to help.

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 Phone system

Logixal is please to announce that we have become the provider of a new state of the art telephony system aimed at offering high quality communication, with extended features at a great price. This system can seamlessly integrate into your existing phone system due to its support for a wide variety of VoIP phone providers and includes your own personal customer care portal where you can track your usages access services. 

Totally slash your costs with an optimised system built just for you

Flexible on-site cloud or in office systems

Automated systems that ensure your calls follow you where ever you are, meaning you never miss that call

Phone Systems

We have been supplying phone systems for a diverse range of clients, for many years. What’s more we look around to make sure you get the best deal, training and support on any solution we provide.

Low priced calls

Because your calls are connected over the Internet the cost is typically much lower compared to traditional telecommunication operators.


We can get you a great deal on business contracts – for any mobile device. Talk to one of the team today to find out more.

Integrate with CRM

Our systems allow for Salesforce CRM integration to enable inbound and outbound call handling. Users can start a call  by clicking  numbers directly from the panel. For inbound calls it allows to open an associated contact directly or add as a new lead. 

Hosted Systems

We have a wide range of solutions on offer, from complete, hosted system – with all the functionality of a traditional system plus much more – to standalone handsets. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities!

Fast Implementation

Because there are no landlines phones to install, you can start using our system quickly, we can install any new devices at a time that suits you and have your new VoIP system up and running quickly.



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