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Why is the security of print important to organisations?

Since the implementation of the recent data protection laws ‘GDPR’ numerous people working in networking and security have had to spend time revising their internal policies. Typically, these documents tend to be very complex. So how does this relay into print and security? Firstly, organisations will be focusing on securing data and secondly securing the document.

1. Securing data

So, securing the data is about ensuring your users only print documents which don't present a risk of data breach. In essence this is about filtering the data before it hits the machine. With most Data Loss Prevention tools we can categorise data based on a number of aspects; ranging from who owns the data and where its being sent, to how it's being sent as well as environmental factors too. Within your policy you can add risk scores, setting these allows for thresholds, so that if the score is below your setting it will be allowed to print, if it is over then it won't be permitted to print. From a supplier perspective, we are able to ensure that a discussed decision is reached to set risk thresholds, and we can help your business articulate this.

2. Securing the document

After securing the data we need to secure the document. Of course once the document has been printed and collected it is in the control of the user. However, there are technologies that we offer which can ensure the printed copy doesn't end up in the wrong hands. One being 'Follow-you/Follow-me printing'. This means that once you send a document to the machine, it won't print until you enter your pin/swipe card or biometric identification before it releases. This in turn ensures that sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands. For the policy, the business would receive training so that things like card and pin sharing doesn't occur.

However, this will only work if you have full visibility of your printing infrastructure. For anyone that's still grappling to understand paper, ink and repair costs, device refreshes and trying to ensure their printing infrastructure is as efficient and cost effective as possible, there are ways to improve this. Whilst helping you consolidate and accurately understand your printing, you can save a huge amount on printing expenses. Speak to us about our MPS and see how much you can save as well as ensure your print is secure.

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