Hosted Phone system

High quality VoIP communications at a great price

Logixal is a provider of a telephony solution allowing us to provide our customers with a state of the art system giving end users the ability to monitor their usages, submit requests for support and install mobile apps so that you are able to take calls wherever you go through low cost VoIP and mobile data. It is robust and reliable minimising downtime and keeping your organisation online for longer. 

Wide range of features to suit your business needs

Our phone system offers a wide variety of features that may be critical to your business needs. For example we can set up and ongoing conference call that constantly stays open with users only needing the dial in number and pin code to enter with no set up needed for the end users. We are able to create a hot desking environment that allow users to log in and out at various workstations without having to configure or move the phone as well as many more features that can organise and simplify your business

Mobile application

We offer a mobile application compatible with both iOS and Android offering the functionality of making and receiving calls to your landline through your mobile, ideal in any business situation. Also available to download onto your desktop to make using your phone even easier. 

Monitoring and Assistance

This system also offers a variety of monitoring and assistance tools. Being able to audit your calls may be a necessary tool in high security environments and you can choose whether to set this up or not. In combination with this you have call barging, whispering and listening which allow you to listen to calls as they happen and direct the agent by whispering (only the agent can hear you) and then train them to be a more effective employee making this a very useful set of tools.

Advanced CRM integration

Our service can provide seamless integration with a variety of customer relationship management systems and web browsers. These include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, Zoho and more. These are all designed to improve workplace productivity and simplify your working environment. 

Support for high quality devices

Our system offers support for a range of devices. These high quality phones work seamlessly with our  system and a variety of accessories are available for purchase. 



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