Managed IT

Focus on driving your business growth, whilst we keep you online

We understand that when it comes to IT there is a lot to think about which can take your attention over the challenge of growing your business including; Improvement of staff productivity, optimising business processes, reducing risk, increase business continuity, adhere to compliance standards, future planning. 

Logixal’s Managed IT covers you in key areas to take away these IT headaches and allow you to concentrate on growing your business. 


Secure your business with Cyber essentials certified managed services

When it comes to your document security it is crucial to have the right systems in place in order to manage and protect your company infrastructure and your business. Logixal understands all the possible problems that can arise within an organisation and we work hard to ensure that all possible avenues and solutions are investigated and implemented if we find them suitable with your consultation.

Optimising Uptime

With Logixal’s IT support you will experience fewer problems due to our constant monitoring and proactive maintenance carried out by our team.​


With constant monitoring of potential triggers for trouble and planning improvements on an ongoing basis, our team will reduce the number of times IT issues stop your team from working. We will also analyse the source of recurring issues to evade recurrence.


Most of the support you receive will be proactive, solving issues before they occur and diminishing your requirement for reactive support.

Risk Mitigation

We will identify possible weak points within your systems and possible security breaches within your business processes.​

Our team will ensure you’re compliant with security best practice, ensuring data security and adherence to compliance with regulations such as FCA, EBA, PCI, cyber essentials and GDPR.

You will be provided with regular reports and reviews, with analysis of tickets and trends, with recommendations for further improvements to performance and security. 

Quick resolutions to issues

With our ticketing system and remote support tools, we can react to any issues rapidly, supporting you and your colleagues to get them working again as soon as possible.


Our London based team is available to you throughout the day and can respond to requests within 15 minutes. If you’re unable to work we will jump on the problem instantaneously.

Quick recovery is achieved by our team, who learn and understand your systems and specific requirements and regularly service the same networks. 

Consultation on Technology

With the right advice, technology can support your business aspirations, increase productivity and efficiency as well as solve internal issues. ​

Our Chief Information Officer will devise a strategic, long-term view of your IT technology based on your business plan. Considering your budget projections and targets. 

In so doing Logixal will recommend appropriate technologies to automate processes and increase speed and efficiency across all teams within your business.

Offload your IT Department overheads

Instantly accessible cloud or off-site storage ensuring full replication and auto-syncing of vital company data

Total Disaster Recovery designed to ensure Business Continuity

Hardware & Software Procurement

From Desktop to the Cloud – we’ve got you covered.


If you’re looking to source new IT kit, no matter what it is, Logixal can help. We cover all areas – computers, servers, storage and networking just to name a few.


Supplied directly from top-level distributors, we are competitive in price and not tied to a single brand – our only proviso is that you get the best tools for the job. If you’re looking for a complete systems overhaul or just replacing an end-of-life machine, we will give you the advice and choices you need to make the right decision. We’ll even give you finance options


Talk to one of our consultants and start planning your new kit today.

Project Management


Taking care of business – as usual!


Expanding, moving, redecorating or restructuring your business?


These things take time and patience, if you want to get them right. Logixal can manage your project from initiation to closure. Making practical and effective use of tried and tested Prince2, MSP and ITIL methodologies, our certified and experienced project managers will consult, plan and deliver your programme, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.


We have a large portfolio of projects encompassing IT, telephony, network infrastructure and of course printers.



We built our own, in-house CRM system and use a wide range of other systems for not only our own but also our partner businesses.

This is why we are the right people to design and deploy software solutions for your workplace.
Workstation and server, database and CRM all the way to network security – we’ve got the know-how to plug into your environment and get things working more productively – fast.

Your essential IT services totally headache free...

Hardware and Software

From Desktop to the Cloud – we’ve got you covered. We're experts in all areas – computers, printing, servers, storage and networking just to name a few.

Project Management

Taking care of business – as usual.

Whether you are moving, restructuring or looking to implement new technology we manage your IT processes to make them more efficient.

Technical Architecture

We design and build custom solutions for your business, anything from; workstations and servers to database, CRM systems and firewalls.

We understand that your Data and IT services are an essential part of your business processes. We believe critical information needs continuity in all 3 of the following ways:


Whether you need secure VPN, leased lines or a redesigned database, our experts have the experience and knowledge to help.


We know the maintenance of your data is paramount. So we can build you backup solutions, provide you with a myriad of hosting and cloud options and of course supply the high-end hardware giving greater reliability.


Firewalls and anti-virus are something of a speciality of ours. We work with industry giants; SonicWall, McAfee and Barracuda. We supply state of the art hardware and software to protect your IT infrastructure, networks and most importantly your data. On top of this, we provide solutions to protect you from risk, from BYOD to global malware and ransomware threats.



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