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Put all of that paper into one safe virtual place


Imagine having every document in your business digitally stored, totally secure, fully editable and searchable. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the future of workplace documentation.



Xerox DocuShare


Xerox DocuShare is enterprise content management (ECM) designed with the usability, flexibility and convenience in mind. It helps knowledge workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes - the lifeblood of today's work environment. 

ECM Integrations

Companies using DocuShare have experienced some incredible benefits such as: 


  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent finding information

  • Up to 50% savings in operational costs

  • Reduction in overheads and carbon emissions by; using less paper, energy and shipping

  • Reduced risk, improvement in control, with high-level security

  • Efficient compliance with comprehensive audit trails

  • Rapid adoption—easy Web-based interface lets distributed workforce and customers access and share information from anywhere.

Scan invoices directly into Sage and other accounting applications

Scan entire documents into different languages

Have a bespoke workflow app designed for your devices to enable your staff to complete tasks seamlessly



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