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Data security will be one of your top concerns as a business and Logixal takes this as seriously as possible. Logixal is the proud supplier of two top of the range Anti-virus solutions in addition to a range of hardware solutions such as Dell sonicwall that will improve on your network security. Our technicians are trained to identify threats to your network and will help train your end users too. In the online  word threats can be everywhere, attached to web browsers, email phishing and through things such as USBs.

Managed IT policies to protect your workplace.

A good IT policy is what you need to make sure your workplace is protected. In the modern age you may utilise BYOD (bring your own devices) into your network. BYOD also includes users having remote access over a VPN connection to a workstation and it can make your network even more difficult to secure. Fortunately our team have been trained in identify threats early and deal with issues before they arise. A good IT policy means we discuss and make recommendations to our customers on the best courses of action.  We utilise the latest technologies in order to

Cyber security is the most important issue within your organisation. It needs to be taken seriously in an age where cyber crime is becoming ever more present. Its all we and good have updated systems and anti virus', but if you invest your time in an organisation that can truly make you and your business aware of online threats and how to recognise them because more often than not the fail point can be the end users and no matter what level of security you put in place there can be weaknesses that can be exploited.

Logixal is cyber essentials certified showing our commitment and implementation of secure IT policies. We constantly strive to improve our service and are aware of the ever changing threats in the online world.

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