Corporate Social Responsibility

Logixal understands that with business growth and global changes in legislation, we must operate to the highest level standards. 


The culture that we have developed is diverse, with an empowered team, respect and collaboration. This has become fundamental in the way we operate.

We represent ourselves and our intentions honestly. Our goal is to be as open and honest as possible, without causing any harm. We will be ourselves, even if that means being occasionally a little less than perfect, but we will always treat each other the way we wish to be treated: with respect for thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and will not participate in or be distracted by gossip, negativity, or insults. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a friendly, hardworking environment where we celebrate one another and achievements.

The personal drive and expectations of everyone in our business are to deliver excellence when it comes to the job in hand - that is all that matters. Everyone strives to achieve this and is measured against their own personal set key deliverables.


We encourage the improvement of the environment and work hard to keep our emissions and wastage down, we do this by only printing where necessary, recycling and power down machines and lights to reduce energy usage. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any type. 

Working conditions for all employees, no matter where they are should be clean, tidy and safe. We don't expect nor allow anything less to ensure the happiness and safety of our staff. ​


We are committed to supporting the people we work with. 

We are a Gold level recognised Investor in People. Our employees are given the full support for training and development, these aren't just optional. The skills of our teams are part of the foundation in the way we communicate and deliver projects for clients. 


Our people define who we are and ensure that we deliver the best to all our customers. We employ people with various different skills and backgrounds. So we recruit the best skilled and retain them too. We have a vibrant and inclusive office, that is built on the foundations of support and inspiration.


It's no accident that our logo is green...


It illustrates our approach to print management and our commitment to being eco-friendly and eco responsible.


We actively work to encourage customers to print in a more environmentally sound manner and help to reduce or mitigate against their carbon footprint.

Logixal Document Solutions Ltd. is an independent supplier of IT and Managed Print Solutions

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