Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to developing Logixal in an ethical and responsible way.

Corporate responsibility means a lot to us, it is how we practice as a business, treat our customers and our staff. Additionally, it's the way we add value to them. In line with this we take into consideration the on-going impact printing has to the environment and help our customers move to more sustainable methods, and cost-effective solutions with our Managed Print Services and Enterprise Content Management. This allows us to help our clients reduce waste, materials and energy consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that with business growth and global changes in legislation, we operate to the highest standards. 

Code of Conduct

Honesty, integrity and trust is the foundation of everything we do. These values are to what we attribute our success and we only conduct our business with the highest levels of ethics and integrity. 

Our Culture

Our people define who we are and ensure that we deliver the best to all our customers. We employ people with various different skills and backgrounds. So we recruit the best skilled and retain them too. We have a vibrant and inclusive office, that is built on the foundations of support and inspiration.

Environmental Impact

It's no accident that our logo is green...


It illustrates our approach to print management and our commitment to being eco-friendly and eco responsible.


We actively work to encourage customers to print in a more environmentally sound manner and help to reduce or mitigate against their carbon footprint.

Logixal Document Solutions Ltd. is an independent supplier of IT and Managed Print Solutions

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