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The new Xerox Vivid kit brings enhancements to the Color C60/70 by adding high end CMYK+ toners. They are flexible and can be added to your existing printer at any time. 

These toners are replace the traditional CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) but can be run through the machine a second time with the standard toners to produce a more vibrant output. 

The Xerox Vivid Kit offers a premium printing experience for your device while maintaining the low cost per page you would expect from your devices. 

Specialist designers know all too well the joy of working with kits like this which present specialist designs that would otherwise have to be produced by a professional company with huge numbers of expensive equipment. 

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Gain up to 8 different colours on a single page by combining toners from the Vivid and standard kits and feeding through the document for a second run. These tools work very well with many different professional design tools notably the adobe creative cloud solution. This allows you to integrate the new kit seamlessly into your existing environment. 

You can find out more about how to use the kit in your environment by following the link to this document here

The Xerox Primelink C9070/65 is a breakthrough in                    performance, excelling in multiple areas. With support for large banner printing and a range of accessories that can be added to further automate the process this device will be perfect for any business. With up to 75 pages per minute and and advanced workflow apps contact us today to get started

This new high quality device supports the Xerox Vivid kit meaning you can print those amazing While, Silver and Golds in the most fantastic way. Wow your offices and your customers with this addition to an already excellent device. Check it out below

A high quality automative machine the Versant 4100 press can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to create a professional output and improve productivity. With ultra high resolution printouts and tasks such as colour calibration, density and media alignment all taken care for you, this device offers the some of the most amazing print quality that you will ever see and will compliment your business massively. 

This device at current does not support the CYMK Vivid kit, but its true image quality and usability mean it is too good not to include. 

The Xerox Versant V280 Press is a quality production device, offering power and performance. With up to 80 pages per minute in Ultra HD resolution this device is an excellent tool in those high demand environments. This device is highly customisable with a variety of tray feeding features and finishing techniques to automate your business and give it the professional finish that you are after.

This device also supports the CMYK Vivid kit meaning you can print stunning Gold, Silver, White, clear as well as                fluorescents in fantastical quality. Contact us today and find out how you can transform your workplace and wow your customers. 

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