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Amazing apps to automate your business

Its amazing what a good app can do for your business, from translating documents to integrating with your CRM, apps can trying increase productivity in the workplace. 

Logixal support a wide range of apps so you can be sure you will find one that will help your organisation with their workflow.

Watch the video and find out how apps can make a difference for you

The Amazing audible app
Spend less time reading through long mundane documents when you don't have the time and simply listen to them instead with this great app.
Scan your documents through into an MP3 file and listen to them on the go!

Integrate with top CRM systems
Salesforce is one of the largest CRM systems out there and due to this we have looked into and support the Salesforce app for your MFP. This app helps you spend less time working tirelessly on your salesforce interactions and more time on making sure you secure that sale. This works by easily printing from Salesforce and then reuploading client documents on the other side.
Keeping everything in one place and removing the need to manually enter data keeps you organised. Contact us to find out more!

Find the perfect app for you
When we say you can find the perfect app for you, we mean it!
Check out this app which marks and grades exams for schools simply and efficiently, giving you more time to make a difference in the classroom by doing what you do best.

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