Working from home

Working from home was always seen as a luxury for some. Being able to work remotely was viewed as something few people used, accessing key systems was always seen as a security risk especially when users can become difficult to directly track and monitor when they work and whether they are actually working. As such many of the systems in place for this may not be up to scratch in many organisations. In 2020 this has become essential, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant rapid change has been needed to take place across many businesses in the UK. Here at Logixal we understand this, and are ready for it.

Making sure to maintain business productivity is essential for home workers, as if you can maintain the same level at home than how you would in an office both the employer and employee have a host of benefits. 

How we can help you

At logixal we want to ensure that our employees and our customers are safe. Problems that can often arise is that some businesses are ill equipped or do not have the technical knowledge to prepare their business for home working, meaning staff may have to travel during a time where government advice is to stay at home as much as you can. 

We can take care of all of this for you. We have already implemented excellent solutions in many of our customers allowing business continuity and a smooth remote experience in order to disrupt your workflow as little as possible. 

We can supply solutions regarding your print, telephony and IT needs during this period, with a state of the art hosted telephony system and terminal service solution, allowing you seamless access to your work environment in a controlled and monitored way from anywhere.

Contact us today and talk to our experts and we can discuss the perfect solutions for your and take care of all the sourcing, set up and deployment for you.

Commuting benefits 

Commuting can take up a lot of your time, it can cause stress and cost a lot of money for your business and your employees. Not to mention the risks surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and other diseases that can easily spread on large city public transport networks. These benefits are key as they can improve so many other areas including your employee's mental health and financial situation. Working from home is something you should look into if you are not already and if you are speak to us anyway and we can help you with any workplace issues you want to resolve.

Control your workspace

Controlling your workspace is another key benefit of working remotely, this can be in ways such as controlling the lighting to improve your mood or controlling the room temperature to suit you, but being in charge of your workspace is something that and employees will relish. Combining this positive attitude with the correct tools to ensure productivity is met can have such a beneficial impact on your organisation and can set you apart from other businesses should you continue to operate in this way. Logixal want to make sure you have the tools and resources in order to operate effectively from home and we have personally demonstrated our effectiveness in switching from office based to remotely.

Work/life balancing

Work/life balance is a key feature of working from home as it offers employers the chance to get that. Spending more time with loved ones over breaks and lunch and seeing them more frequently is what you can offer to your employees. They will love the chance to work in this way and it will improve their mental health drastically. Logixal understand that even after Coronavirus you may want to continue this due to the benefits in work/life balance which is why we are constantly investigating key methods on working from home and are taking feedback from our customers and own employees in processes and systems that will improve their experience. This includes terminal services and our phone system. 

Reducing your office costs

A key benefit for you as a business will be the lower costs for you and your employees. We have already discussed the lower costs of commuting but the lower operating costs in running your office will be beneficial to you. Using less electricity and generating less waste are just two overarching examples on the way costs would be reduced by taking away the need for spending money on maintaining your offices fully. There can be issues that arise in this for example, some working from home environments may need to ensure that the users PC needs to be on at all times to access, meaning there is a point of failure that should be addressed. Logixal understands this and we move away from that by setting up central access points with redundancies in place to maintain business continuity .

Access your workplace seamlessly

Its important for the end users when working from home to maintain similar or the same processes as they would if they were in the office. Logixal can help you understand what sort of routes you can take with our managed IT solutions. This includes working with cloud based products and terminal services which is as easy as logging in to a desk in the office from the comfort of your own home. The great thing about this setup is that it can be reliable if not more reliable than working from an office computer ensuring in any eventuality that your workplace can operate efficiently. 

How Logixal is taking action

Logixal are taking key steps in protecting our employees and our customers. This is by allowing employees to work remotely where possible and maintaining deep cleaning of our offices frequently to ensure that those employees who need to work from our offices are safe and that they feel safe too. 

We have ensured all our field engineers have been educated in depth about this virus and are equipped with more than sufficient PPE, knowing how and when to use it. We have also implemented processes in our workplace the record and track employee well-being and require those that show any symptoms to work from home.

Logixal has encouraged the use of online meetings and use these effectively to continue to communicate with our customers and business partners. 

We are constantly monitoring developments and follow the guidelines of governments, local authorities and public health organizations to ensure we can continue to offer our excellent service to all our customers.

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