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Record Month

This month has been incredible for Logixal and we have experienced our fastest growth yet. This is due to the securing of national contracts for businesses with sites up and down the country. These were secured through the efforts of our Sales team who stressed the excellent work carried out by our service and engineer departments in keeping these high quality devices online and printing. The first of these installations took place over a week and included locations in Manchester, Leeds, Southampton, Birmingham and Felixstowe. As a London based office this took a lot of coordination, we had to ensure we could carry these installations out as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also ensuring we maintained our high quality service for existing customers back in London. This was assisted by the work of our IT and service desk in order to ensure we had the required information and access to servers/workstations in order to set up our devices and implement the print management solution.

This week was very successful as we coordinated successfully to install the printers on time as soon as the old ones were removed to ensure minimum downtime. In addition to this we employed document management solutions designed to improve and manage their workflow and we had ensured we were able to receive access to relevant servers to install the management software and ensuring the customer could be able to check their printing levels from an administration console to make certain no one was printing unnecessarily. Due to the hard work and planning put into this installation all of the machines went in on schedule and the solutions that were being installed on the day were set up successfully and our existing customers did so see any depreciation in their service and were dealt with according to our service level agreements.

On these journey's we supplied a variety of High quality Kit notably the Altalink C8055. These printers ensure that from our London office we maintain maximum uptime by minimising the number of calls we need to make for further away offices. In event that this happens, Logixal is prepared with a variety of other printing engineers to solve any issue that might be thrown at us in order to keep to our Service Level Agreements.

Logixal hopes this experience will make us well prepared for another install of this calibre which we hope to be carrying out when we secure more national contracts like this one in future.

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