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There are now more mobile devices in the world than people, meaning the way we live – and consequently the way we work – is changing radically.

Despite the newfound freedoms of mobile phones, anything beyond casual communication is hard when you’re constantly on the go. The promise of work-from-anywhere mobility lets us email from the airport and take calls from the car, but that convenience often comes with added complication. So, it’s absolutely vital that the way mobile work happens is push-button simple. Workflows need to be reduced to the smallest number of steps for maximum efficiency. Mobility means nothing if there are breakdowns in flow and collaboration because your process is too hard.

The typical mobile worker will:

  • Have a primary office, which could be at home, but also elsewhere

  • Travels to company, customer and suppliers

  • Spends most of their time in meetings

  • Interacts with people in multiple locations.

Your mobile worker may enjoy the freedom that comes with mobility, but they still have expectations. He or she is used to a “hardwired” office experience where needs are met instantaneously when emailing files, scanning or printing out confidential documents. Being mobile doesn’t change that; mobile workers require their technology to integrate seamlessly with the mobile devices and the cloud apps they’re now using regularly to get their work done.

Mobile workers need to do what their peers do at their desks – just with phones or tablets in a crowded airport. Forms need to be filled out, contracts need to be signed and/or documents need to be reviewed, approved and filed. This requires an infrastructure to integrate seamlessly with the mobile devices and cloud apps mobile workers are using. Your success hinges on being able to create a mobile and cloud environment where the processes support not only mobility but collaboration between all team members – those in-house and those far afield. The flexibility and freedom of mobile and the cloud can and should let your team work the way they need to.

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and productivity tools such as Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 offer smarter ways to collaborate, communicate and scale as companies grow. And the benefits are more than abundant: faster and easier access to documents and information and better communication for both mobile and onsite team members, resulting in increased productivity.

Remote team collaboration

Even with digital solutions, more than a third of processes are document driven. That means integrating paper-based processes with your mobile and collaborative solutions is mission-critical to your business. Effective collaboration means projects are moving at the speed competitive business requires: papers are quickly delivered to email boxes and documents that need to be signed are printed on time. Everyone is on the same page and the synergy is flowing.

The Situation:

Project team members in different offices around the world are using Office 365 to store project documentation that starts in a hard copy format. To make quick decisions, team members need immediate access to project files with the ability to search on specific topics and find information stored by other team members.

The Solution:

Documents are now scanned at the MFP with unique identifiers and stored in folders linked to each project team. Now team members simply swipe a badge at the device and they will be connected to their respective folder in Office365. The project files are conveniently stored in a searchable PDF format enabling full text search functionality. The documents can also be printed from the team folders via mobile devices.

The Outcome:

  • Project team met deadlines

  • Increased team productivity, collaboration and satisfaction

  • Assured project files were accessible in digital format

This mobile work situation embodied seamless team work where there were no silos to penetrate and communication was optimum.

When printing and scanning are a part of every working day for your mobile team, you want those tasks to be fast, intuitive, and push-button simple.

Getting your workflows set up to make your documents work best for you is key. Through customised apps on the MFP front panel or cloud-connected mobile print options that let you print from anywhere, Logixal can help.

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