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Customer’s Privacy: How Cloud Telephony Is Redefining it?

Cloud is a commonly used term, that most of us are aware of. Cloud is no longer an unknown commodity as it was a few years ago. Telephony through the Cloud on the other hand has gained substantial growth recently and especially for over the past few years.

Cloud telephony is a method used to deliver applications for the phone via the cloud and as a hosted solution. It is a Unified Communications infrastructure which includes; messaging and voice service that does not require traditional business telephone systems such as PBX or EPABX.

Albeit Cloud telephony has been around for more than half a decade, the concept was not adopted early, it has only until recently become a utilised service.

Concepts like Interactive Voice Response, call routing, call recording, custom greetings, business hours, call conferencing have been around in the market for quite some time. But nobody thought beyond call centre use case for many years until recently.

Communications has always been an integral part of business, and cloud telephony is now no exception. Because of its flexibility and agile functions, it provides businesses with a multitude of benefits compared to traditional PBX or EPABX systems. The simplicity and speed of set-up combined with the scalability, reliability and crucially the analytics of the services used makes it an attractive offering.

However, telephone numbers are a major contributing factor in our life than we realise. Approximately 90% of people use their phone number to sign up to services on an e-commerce website, food delivery applications, banking etc. We are more dependent on the internet than we have ever been before.

From ordering groceries, booking flights, making plans, we habitually use our phone number as the first line of contact to external people and companies.

How does cloud telephony come into the frame with all these scenarios?

Let's think hypothetically, if you order a product from a website and the delivery company is looking for directions to reach you at the agreed time, cloud telephony plays an integral role in this.

Before cloud telephony, the agent could see the customer's number directly and this led to unpleasant incidents where the customers were harassed by the delivery guy.

Cloud telephony providers have come with a solution to safeguard customer's privacy and avoid any possibility for these kinds of instances. Call masking, or number masking is one of the vital features that is offered to protect customer's identity and mobile number.

For example, this feature will connect the customer with the agent by masking the real number and displaying a virtual number which is valid temporarily. This technology acts as a platform to connect without sharing numbers.

After the event, the agent will not be able to contact the customer or create any issues to the customer.

The agents will not be able to see the real number, they can get connect to the customer in no time, with the help of virtual numbers displayed by the cloud telephony provider. This can ensure that there is no data privacy breech.

Since the calls are triggered through virtual phone numbers it also saves the agents/drivers etc. from incurring any personal costs too.

Cloud telephony definitely helps to connect with customers in a seamless, hassle-free manner and increase customer satisfaction in turn building brand loyalty. The trust factor between customers and brands created is redefined by Cloud telephony services and acts as the biggest differentiator to enable customer privacy.

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