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Why we love VoIP (and you should, too!)

Voice over IP (VoIP) was created to provide access to effective and low priced voice communication in any place in the world. In a lot of places, telephony communication is expensive.

When we think of making a phone call long distance, or to someone in another country, we often think of what might the bill be. VoIP makes it cost effective and offers many other solutions to traditional landline phones.

Cost Savings

If your company is not using a VoIP system, the chances are that you will be using a landline (PSTN - Public-Switched Telephone Network). Which is a costly service, as this traditional service is based on time spent on the call and location of where the call is too. You will be paying per minute you are communicating. Since VoIP is run over the internet, the only cost you have is the monthly internet bill. You will need a broadband service, with a fast connection speed. This will mean that for your organisation there will be a fixed cost, additionally, there is no concern for the length of time that is spent on a call, the connection cost will be the same.

A business can save up to 40% on local business calls and up to 90% on international calls, using VoIP.

Multiple users

With a PSTN line, you will only be able to have a one-to-one call connection. With VoIP, you are able to set up conference calls. Meaning the whole team, no-matter on location will be able to communicate collectively at the same time.

Cheaper hardware and software

If you are an internet user wishing to implement VoIP, the additional hardware you require other than a computer and internet is; a soundcard, speakers and a microphone, this may sound like a lot of equipment, however, these items are cheap.

Numerous features

VoIP can offer a massive variety of features that can enhance your voice communication experience, both personally and for your business. You will be better equipped for call management. You can make a call anywhere with internet in the world to any

Not just a voice communication system

VoIP services can handle media types other than voice. This is because it is based on Internet Protocol (IP), coincided with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which is the underlying protocol for the internet. This enables users to transfer images, videos and text as well as voice. So you are able to talk to someone while sending files or being on webcam.

Effective use of bandwidth

During most voice interactions there is usually silence, for a lot of the time. A VoIP service will fill the silent spaces with data so that bandwidth in the communication channels is not wasted. Simply put, a user is not given bandwidth if they aren't speaking and the bandwidth is used efficiently for other consumers. Additionally, compression and the capability to eliminate redundancy in some speech patterns add up to the efficiency.

Flexibility for layout of network

VoIP's network doesn't need to be in a particular layout, therefore it is possible for an organisation to make use of technologies like the Ethernet and others similar. VoIP can be used over WiFi as well making it very flexible. In addition to this, VoIP is more uniform and there is less management of equipment as well so there is less likelihood of faults.

Distant teleworking

If your organisation has an intranet there is the ability to access your office phone whilst working from home. You are able to give your home elements of the office to remotely use the voice and data services of your workplace through the companies intranet.

Productive software development

VoIP can combine various data formats and to make routing and signal versatile and robust. As a result, network application developers will find it easier to develop and implement new applications for data communication using VoIP. Furthermore, the opportunity of applying VoIP software in web browsers and servers gives a greater productive and competitive advantage to e-commerce and customer service applications.

With the variety of capabilities, the low costs and all that is available to support SME's growth and competitiveness you can see why we love VoIP and you should too.

We have a range of VoIP services available, if you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer please contact or call +44 (0) 20 7014 0100.

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